Het is altijd boeiend om te kijken naar woorden die een persoon of bedrijf gebruikt – het zegt zoveel over het bedrijf zelf.online marketing onedaycompany

Kortom: Raad de bedrijven achter de volgende woorden :

Bedrijf 1 : we have always believed that building a trusted, highly-recognized brand begins with providing high-quality products and services that make a notable difference in people’s lives. Our user base has grown primarily by word-of-mouth. Our early marketing efforts focused on feeding this word-of-mouth momentum and used public relations efforts to accelerate it. Through these efforts and people’s increased usage of X worldwide, we have been able to build our brand with relatively low marketing costs as a percentage of our revenues. Today, we use the quality of our own products and services as our most effective marketing tool, and word-of-mouth momentum continues to drive consumer awareness and user loyalty worldwide. We also engage in targeted marketing efforts, such as those we deliver to our advertising clients, designed to inform potential advertisers, X Network members and enterprises of the benefits they can achieve through X as well as targeted consumer marketing in certain geographies. In addition, we sponsor industry conferences and have promoted the distribution of X products to internet users in order to make our search services easier to access. (….)

Bedrijf 2 : The Y-brand is one of the most widely recognized in the world. Maintaining and growing that brand enables us to attract, retain, and more deeply engage users, advertisers, publishers, and developers. We believe a great brand begins with great products, services, and content. Our marketing teams engage in each step of product and services development, deployment, and management and content design to understand our offerings and how best to market them to our communities of potential and existing users. Our marketing communications’ efforts help accelerate product momentum, awareness, adoption, and engagement. We use online, television, print, radio, and outdoor advertising, and we leverage our global online network and our distribution partnerships to market our products and services to the right people at the right time. With continued investment in global brand and product marketing, we believe we can continue to attract and engage users, advertisers, publishers, and developers.

We distribute our products primarily through the following channels: OEM; distributors and resellers; and online.

Dit zijn citaten uit de 2008 jaarverslagen van alle drie de bedrijven. Ik wist niet dat het mogelijk was om over marketing iets in je jaarverslag te zetten, maar 1 & 2 vinden het blijkbaar belangrijk. In geval 3 heb ik echt mijn best gedaan, maar dit was alles wat ik over marketing kon vinden. De overige vermeldingen ging over de uitgaven aan marketing en de marketing headcounts. Volgens mij zegt alleen dit al veel.

Ik ben niet zover gegaan, maar het zou interessant zijn om het aantal vermeldingen van het woord “marketing” te vergelijken tussen de 3 jaarverslagen. Dit doe ik misschien een volgende keer.

Wat zegt jouw bedrijf over zijn activiteiten? Klopt dit met het beeld wat je ervan hebt ?